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A website dedicated to the research, development and preservation of the historical record of the descendants and ancestors of George Charles Gause.

Please note: Research of this kind is in a state of constant evolution. The statements made within this site are made with the research that has been completed to date. Some connections and assumptions have been made to fill in missing spots.  At any time a new piece of information may be obtained that change the complexity or connections of this information. I will endeavor to update the site as information is obtained.

A word about my research and conclusion style

Good research dictates that the only verifiable and usable facts are those found on the official written records and every statement should be supported by a footnote and adequately referenced in a bibliography. For a historically important figure such as Lincoln, footnotes and bibliographies are important to assure that the historical record is correct and verifiable.

Often historians are proving or disproving something about an important figure's life, such as Lincoln's early position on slavery. Lincoln only made a few statements on slavery early on, so each one is important to study and where each statement came from is important to understand the context in which the statements were made.  Individuals who are important historical figures also typically keep diaries, are involved in meetings in which a written record is kept, or are written about during their life or immediately after their death-thus gathering the first hand accounts of people who actually knew and worked with the individual. There typically is a grouping of information that one can draw conclusions about that person's life. 

The average person does not have a collection of sources which conclusions can be drawn. Only the basics of life can be found on most records such as births, deaths, and marriages. The majority of the populous did not keep a diary, was not involved in historic meetings where written records were kept, or written about by historians upon their death.  However, how a husband and wife met, emigration to a country, naming of children, moves to a different city, etc. can be derived by some basic assumptions and research of general history.  

For example, the Gose family were listed in a record as being Huguenots living in France.  A few years later they were living in Scotland.  No record exists as to when and why the family emigrated to Scotland. If we look at general history we learn that during this time Huguenots were fleeing France in droves.  An assumption can be made that the family left France because of the issues surrounding Huguenots.  Without some basic assumptions, holes in a family history would never be filled and the families past would be nothing more than a collection of facts with little or no interest.  

There is a current trend in genealogy for 'only verifiable facts'.  However, assumptions are usually what connects the 'facts' together so that they begin to make sense and lead to other records which point the way back.  The majority of the people who push the necessity of 'only verifiable facts' are usually the same people who want you to buy something or join their 'professional' group for a small fee.  The truth is the majority of genealogy is not verifiable.  It is passed down from our ancestors through verbal means or diaries.  It is passed down through legend and lore.  Its not official and sometimes it doesn't even make since to people today.  The point is that it is simple to go to a library and pull 'official' records, but when you are done you will not have a idea about your ancestors lives only the bare no-frills bones of their existence.

The following are links that I have found very helpful in my research journey.  I do not put the citations or references to my research on the web site because of space restrictions.  I do not have any contact, control, or involvement with these web sites other than being an outside user.  I do not endorse or condone anything that a particular web site says or does not says.  With any information from a web site (including this one), look on it as unsubstantiated information or as I like to think of it - a directional hint.  Again, I assume not responsibility for these web site other than my own personal experience and opinion that they are good sites.



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